Kalaane Lemyre

Hi everyone! I am Kalaane, yoga teacher, certified by It’s Yoga International, and owner of Satya Yoga since 2015. I am the mother of a handsome 3 years old boy, who absolutely loves yoga! I began this journey in 2010, after moving from Quebec to Swift Current, and discovered yoga at Satya Yoga, owned by Sasha Regier at the time. She is an amazing teacher I was inspired to continue on my path with yoga. I continued to come back to my mat, finding peace and healing, regaining energy and clarity. Then the opportunity came for me to become the studio owner and a yoga teacher. The experience was life changing! I absolutely love teaching and inspiring people to find their own path, through breathing and moving on their mat, and through sharing together.
I am Certified Intuitive Guide through Sonia Choquette, offer personal readings to connect to your Spirit – your Authentic Self – so you can receive all the support the Universe has to offer to you, bringing peace, joy and flow into your life.
I also facilitate the I AM SISTERHOOD program (by the Sacred Living Movement) through workshops, gathering and empowering women to awaken to their full potential and walk their soul’s journey with trust.

Sue Johnston

Hi, I’m Sue Johnston and I love sharing yoga with everyone! I first experienced yoga about 12 years ago. Initially I wasn’t sure it was for me, I’d always been competitive and I found leaving that aspect of my personality a challenge. Throughout the years I’ve learnt so much about myself and have grown as a person. Yoga gives me the opportunity to connect with my mind and body. It has shaped me into who I am today. I completed my teacher training at Satya Yoga Studio in 2011 and started teaching. In the fall of 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My yoga practice helped me through my recovery. During that time, I learnt and practiced a softer side of yoga, different from my traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa practice. In March of 2016, I completed a certification in Restorative Yoga and furthered my practice in the area of Yin yoga. I now teach a variety of types of classes and love to share the benefits of yoga with everyone.

Sarah Davidson

Hi, I’m Sarah Davidson, I began my yoga journey in 2006.  My children were very young and I started out just taking that hour of time for myself and found I really enjoyed yoga!  I became a certified ashtanga teacher the following year.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I have a strong ashtanga focus.  I believe in the sequence and love the security and consistency of it.  My practice has helped me through many obstacles in my life.  It has been a constant and I am not sure where I would be without it? Through difficult times my practice has changed from very physical to more meditative and as most people who practice find it is always changing.
I truly enjoy sharing this practice and journey with others so that they can feel the way it has made me feel.  I have had the opportunity to study with several wonderful teachers and continue to learn from their experiences.
I feel that being able to teach is a wonderful gift.  I love to share the warm energy and love of the practice with others.


Rhonda Forster

Hello, I’m Rhonda Forster. I started doing yoga because of a whiplash injury and found that it helped me deal with the chronic pain. I believe that yoga can improve your life. I have taught yoga for about 15 years . I was certified by Yoga Centre Calgary in 2000 – it was a 2 years and over 300 hours course. I am also certified by Yoga Association Alberta . I love sharing yoga with people and I continue to teach for the moments when someone tells me what they learned in yoga made a difference in their life.