For the Whole Family

Mom & Baby Yoga
This postnatal program is for mothers wanting to get back on their mat to connect, or eager to learn yoga postures to gain muscle tone and strength. Yoga will help to ease strain from caring for baby and bring more inner peace. Mom & Baby Yoga allows you to reconnect with yourself and is a wonderful opportunity to bond your child, as you share this time on your mat together in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. This class is suitable for babies up to one year old.

Mom & Tots Yoga
Mom & Tots Yoga is fun, playful, and definitely real yoga. Yoga helps young children retain their natural suppleness and flexibility. They develop awareness of their bodies’ needs and sensations. Practicing with their parent gives them valuable bonding time and gently accustoms them to the dynamics of a group class. Yoga can help them learn to balance, to be aware of their bodies in space, even to calm themselves down.
Tots yoga is good for mamas, too! There are all kinds of creative ways to work your core, improve your balance, and get in a good stretch (A toddler climbing on you can give you a very nice adjustment!). And – some days – you will get to relax into a sweet, cuddly savasana with your precious little yogi.

Yoga KID
This creative and playful yoga class for children (Ages 4-8) encourages self discovery and connection to others through yoga postures, animated breathing exercises, games and partner poses. Children strengthen their bodies and maintain their natural flexibility as they learn how to focus through breathing. At the end of the class in Savasana, relaxation techniques linked with imagery allow them to feel calm and peaceful. We sing, draw and play yoga together!

This open and creative class for Teens and Pre-Teens (Ages 9-14) helps build strength and flexibility with yoga postures linked with the breath. Yoga will support children to be more focused and balanced in other activities, and in life, bringing wellness of body and mind. This class promotes self-confidence, self love and awareness. Visualization and breathing exercises are used for emotional balance and connection with their inner self, which can be applied toward everyday situation. Partner and group poses allow them to connect with each other in a fun and open way.